Official GTA V Gameplay Video July 9th 2013

Here it is, the first official game-play video from RockStarGames!

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Gameplay video


Rockstar have just revealed that they’ll be releasing a brand new gameplay video from Grand Theft Auto V tomorrow, July 9 2013.

The video is set to be released at about 10AM Eastern time (15:00 BST in the UK) (16:00 in most of Europe. BST is GMT +1 hour).

Rockstarnetwork broke the news, but also see Rockstar’s Newswire and GTA V’s main site

Have a great day!


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E3 Show on June 13th

E3 Show on June 13th.

Hi, I thought I would bring my reports on the E3 Show on June 13th from this, our sister website here on today. E3 Shows.

Goto E3 Monday 10th June

Goto E3 Tuesday 11th June

Goto E3 Wednesday 12th June

Goto E3  Thursday 13th June – You are here!

If you missed something from Monday, (Press Release day), please visit


GameSpot – is my live stream of choice at the moment, they have two stages and the most reliable stream to date. (I have monitored others).

Bookmark this site now with CTRL+D, so that when you get lost in all the videos and information on GameSpot, you can easily just come back here and find the main live streams.

PLEASE NOTE- This E3 post is still a work in progress. – since the E3 show finished, please return later to reference all of the games mentioned in the videos.  I will remove this message when the this article is finished.

I have NOT reported on every game shown, because there are a lot games that I know nothing about or have no interest in, and it would not be fair to talk about something I know nothing about, unlike some commentators who seem to spout a lot of crap about every game that crosses their path.

I will only make comment, when a game is of interest to me and when I have something I think is worth saying about it. When I don’t comment on a game, that does not mean I don’t like it, just that I have nothing to say!



E3 Show on June 13th

Live Stage 2: Show Day 3 :- GameSpot E3 2013.

GameSpot E3 Stage 2 Day 3 Show Index and Links.

(This video opens in a new tab and starts at the times show below when you click the title link). Once you click the link – PLEASE WAIT till the video starts – IT CAN TAKE UP TO 2 Minutes – I think this delay is due to the fact it was recorded as a live stream!

Tiny Brains.   00:04.15


Dead Rising 3.   00:42m32s


Fable Anniversary. 1h8m1s


Scribblenauts Unmasked.  1h29m30s


Black Gold.  1h43m58s


Take On Mars.    2h25m18s

This looks like an interesting game, but not for its playability or for any of its merits as the Take on Mars game its-self. I am interested in the modding aspect, because I like what is happening via xBox with their new Project Spark (Click Here),

You can create your own missions in Take On Mars by implementing scripts that can be modded, (modified), to work however you want.  Imagine being a new games designer, writer, coder, developer, in this modern technological world, with design tools like this! I’m sure there are modding of scrips is in the new Project Spark, but I don’t know enough about it myself yet.

What amazing things must we be able to accomplish when we gain the ability to bring our imaginations to life, without having to explain them to someone-else first?


Prime World.   3h1m27s

Marc Singer. Producer of Prime World talks about the game being a mash up of several game genres.


Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures.  3h44m6s


Shin Megami Tensei IV.  4h17m13s


The Division.  4h37m8s

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a great looking game. Its an online open world, persistent RPG game set in New York during a crisis of epic proportions. An infection breaks out and effects everything, killing people and causing the infrastructure of society to fall apart.

The economy, food and transport, power all on rations or lock-down. Within five days everything has dissolved into chaos and destruction.


Dayz Standalone.  4h59m2s

(Say ‘Day’ -Zee, like Daisy)! One of my favorite games already, (I know I said I was all-Zombied-out, but this game is a hybrid from the Arma2 game). I have played Arma 2 extensively and had lots of fun with it. So a natural progression would be to go into the survivalist mode in DayZ.

Also, from another angle, I like the fact you can mod the game if you know how. (I have never been into modding because I don’t have the time), so I cannot talk with any experience about that, but I would like to see my GTA My Way style of game, designed by way of using this game as a base to start from, in the same way that I currently use GTA4 to base my game ideas and stories on. This, I think, helps to tell stories and gives people an idea of what I am aiming for with my game.


Merc Elite.  5:31.00


Payday 2.     5h52m46s

David Goldfarb of 505 Games. – Game Director for Payday2, tells us about this great looking game.

To me, I immediately think it looks like a different graphical rendering of GTA4. I’m always doing that, comparing other games to the games I love like GTA4.  Which is also why I don’t talk about most of the game here at E3.

  1. If I don’t play them.
  2. If they are platform style or 2D types of games, (they are not my cup-of-tea).
  3. They are too cartoonish or total fantasy games. (Depending upon the fantasy theme of course, I love Star-Trek-Online (A total fantasy in space) and The Sims (its the cartoon style that gives it its magic), et al like Skyrim – I love Skyrim – a total fantasy though).

I digress, PayDay2 looks awesome. however; (and I realise this is a demo, the game will not be due for release until late August 2013), there was no-street-traffic, did you notice that? I’m sure they’ll put the street traffic into the game before its release.

Further down this page article in the GameSpot Coverage Summery, I talked about the great logical questions fans would want to hear about, but my questions never made it through to the interviewer Danny O’Dwyer.

I wanted to ask:-

  1. Will the game world be a living cityscape, GTA4 esk, with lots of things to do in the game-world. (Will there be street traffic and a fanatical escape, ‘The Getaway’ GTA4 police chase style)?
  2. Can you drive cars? What are the driving physics like, relative to GTA4?
  3. How big will the map be, and were is it set? (Venue or setting, time and place)?
  4. Will you be able to live, eat, drink, sleep, clothe, buy vehicles, buy guns and ammo, talk and interact with AI’s.
  5. ****None of those questions were presented, so I stopped asking at that point. Other questions I would have asked. As follows. (I will write to the developers and ask if I get the time and then report back here later).
  6. I like the stealth co-op style of game, but (I wanted to ask), can you play with your own team of AI’s. He did say the player playing the demo was playing with bots, but did he mean the live team of human players are playing against bots defending the bank? Can you play split screen? How many in split screen?

Digressing a little, SPLIT-SCREEN is a point that has always annoyed me about game consoles. Many games like COD for example, can do split screen. So why didn’t Sony – PS4 or Microsoft – xBox One do a twin-screen-output from one game console; Like I can do on my PC monitors. And have two co-op (or head to head), players on the same console, with outputs to separate screens?

A great looking game though, I will certainly be buying it! Did you ever see the original game? If not Click here for the first PayDay game!  And Here too-


End of Show Wrap-Up.   6h10m35s

End of Stage 2 List.

Live Stage 1: Show Day 3 :- GameSpot E3 2013.


GameSpot E3 Stage 1 Day 3 Show Index and Links.

The Evil Within.   4m1s

Pete Hines: The Vice President of Marketing and PR at Bethesta Studios, (the producers of Skyrim). Talks about one of their latest horror titles, The Evil Within from Tango Gameworks.

Tango Gameworks joined the Rockville Maryland-based ZeniMax Media group, parent company of the games publisher Bethesda Softworks. Just in-case you were wondering who Tango were and why Pete Hines of Bethesta was talking about it. (I did, but now we know)!






 If you missed anything from June 12th

- see yesterdays videos. CLICK HERE!

E3 GameSpot Coverage Summery From This Gaming Fan. I was very happy with the questions asked of the developers, by the GameSpot reporters.

However, (there has always got to be an ‘however’ has’t there)!

One of the things that did annoy me constantly throughout GameSpot’s coverage of the E3 was that game developers were often quite prepared to talk a lot more about their games, yet GameSpot hurried them along and put time limits on the sessions, (that wasn’t the annoying part)!

The annoying part was, that after rushing the game developers off the stage, ‘GameSpot went to a break for 5 minutes or more’. I know they have games to set-up for the next interview, but I think they should have several systems set up of the same kinds, so that one can be in preparation whilst another is underway!

The interviews could have gone on longer than they did!

Also they should have more reporters, especially like fans asking questions from the E3 audience. Those E3 attendees will be amongst the best hard core gamers. I’m sure there are lots of wannabe reporters and game bloggers that would love the chance to get a guest reporting job even without pay, so they could add that experience to their portfolio.

I for one, (like many others I know), could very easily sit there for a couple of hours without a break, interviewing the likes of the PayDay2 developer, et al.

Now, I’m not suggesting that one person should sit through long interview sessions. But they should have a director off camera and a whole bunch of wannabe reporters from schools and colleges around the world, (free of charge of course), and have at least two or three reporters asking the questions with one lead reporter in charge on the stage.

People who do a good job, (as identified by the professional reporters and show editor, director or producer of the GameSpot show), could be asked to be the lead in another interview later that day. If they know about the games in question.

Next, they should defer questions to the audience and pass the mic, or have a roving interviewer in the audience with a mic during the stage interview.

The developers were always be prepared to answer any questions, (because that is the whole point of why they are there), and the interviews could have gone on longer than they did.

Now, to make my point, I was very interested in the PayDay2 Game, yet the developers were rushed off stage. For what, I’d like to know?  We went to a five minute break!

Instead of being off-air all that time. Don’t GameSpot think they could make better use of that OFF-AIR time?

Even selling advertising space to the developers between interviews, so they could show us more of their game-play, would have been a better use of the OFF-AIR time! GameSpot could have asked for DVD footage to be prepared for the show.

And, they could even have, (again free – not paid), production teams from schools, colleges or universities, that would work with the developers to make a DVD during the E3 show at their own stand, for the off-air time segment after the interview.

The DVD could be returned after the interview – after-that following break. (I only thought of this because I think developers might not want to give away free game footage on DVD’s. (But they might, since everything shown on the E3 reporters shows, (not just GameSpot), will end up on YouTube and other places anyway), its good free advertising for them)!

Next. If GameSpot had had several people interviewers on the stage,  If an interviewer wanted a break, he or she could just remove themselves without disrupting whatever interview was taking place.

They should also have a second person looking through and selecting questions for the developers, from the online viewers. (I know they tried to do that). But, I was asking lots of logical and sensible questions all day, and not one of my questions was asked or answered.

GameSpot probably had too many questions online to look through them all. And, perhaps they could have had a web page up, that displays the questions the fans want to ask, (as soon as the show schedule index is known). Then people could rate (thumbs up or down), to promote or demote a main question.

That way, the better questions would surface. (I think, (but I don’t really know)! I am just guessing, because it seems more logical to me).

Also, I think maybe the people reviewing the questions, did not know much of the history for the games they were interviewing the developers about. Therefore, they cannot identify and select the logical and sensible questions that the fans would naturally know and want to ask.

It is very hard to read and select questions like Danny O’Dwyer did, whilst under pressure from the camera and an audience. He should have had more help with that.

Re- they should ask any player or real fans in the audience, representing that gaming community or niche for question ideas! Overall, GameSpot did a very good job, but as I have pointed out, I think things could have gone even better than they did.

I also appreciate, that I might not know all of the information and constraints put on GameSpot or the interviewers, these are just my observations. I have actually ran a show or two, (many in fact), myself in the past. Anyway, I digress, well done to GameSpot for their coverage! I just wanted more, more, more!


(Author: AndyGold, GameSpot’s E3 Coverage Summary.

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E3 Show on June 12th

Hi, I thought I would bring my reports on the E3 Show on June 13th from this, our sister website here on today.

As you scroll down this page, yo will go back through history.
The newest news is here at the top!

E3 Shows.
Goto E3 Monday 10th June
Goto E3 Tuesday 11th June
Goto E3 Wednesday 12th June – You are here!
Goto E3 Thursday 13th June

If you missed something from Monday, (Press Release day – NOT DAY ONE),  please visit


These are my written notes as I sit and watch the E3 show. All info here is to be taken lightly, I am just typing as fast as I can whilst watching the E3 Show. TODAY JUNE 12th, I WILL BE REPORTING ON THE E3 Show  if there is any new news! It seems there are no more videos releasing today! We all thought the games developers were streaming videos all day. It doesn’t seem like that is happening!

E3 Live Broadcasts – Time conversion here.

I watch both together! TURN OFF THE SOUND ON ONE VIDEO, leave them both running. I moved them closer together so that you can see them both on the same screen and switch between speaker mutes. Also Go Full Full Screen without leaving this page.

USE PAUSE – Mute sound on one video – Go FULL SCREEN – Please update / refresh your browser on the hour to get my updates. (Or more frequently if you please)!


Live:- Stage 2: Show Day 2:- GameSpot E3 2013.

Live:-  Stage 1: Show Day 2:- GameSpot E3 2013.


Go to the newer E3 show videos on the 13th June CLICK HERE!

Whilst you are waiting for the next shows to start, take a look at the past show below.

Also there are some links for you to see other videos from other providers, who are also covering the E3 shows.

Polygon Live: E3 2013 Press conferences.

The E3 Spotlight on YouTube (The E3 YouTube One Channel).

A link of interest TWITCH

E3 2013: Xbox One Lets You Broadcast Gameplay Via Twitch.


GameSpot’s E3 2013 Preview.

Info: E3 stands for Electronic Entertainments Expo (from the french term Expose’ meaning an exposure of, or reveal) . Hence the E E E (0r Ex3). I had a few comments asking what E3 meant. (This is also sometimes how www. is written, the 3 W’s or W3 is often a term used).

End of videos.

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E3 Show on June 11th

Hi, I thought I would bring my reports on the E3 Show on June 12th from this, our sister website here on today.

As you scroll down this page, yo will go back through history.
The newest news is here at the top!

E3 Shows.
Goto E3 Monday 10th June
E3 Tuesday 11th June – You are here!
Goto E3 Wednesday 12th June
Goto E3 Thursday 13th June


Stage 2 Show Day 1 – GameSpot E3 2013

Video not available – it is only 5 minutes long of titles and can be seen if you click the link above and then click the link to the Stage 2 within the video. 

I know, sorry – it is crap! But, those, are, the breaks!


Stage 1 Show Day 1 – GameSpot E3 2013.

Start the video above at about 3 minutes in!

GameSpot’s E3 2013 Preview.

Info:  E3 stands for Electronic Entertainments Expo (from the french term Expose’ meaning an exposure of, or reveal) . Hence the E E E (0r Ex3). I had a few comments asking what E3 meant. (This is also sometimes how www. is written, the 3 W’s or W3 is often a term used).


End of videos.


Tuesday, June 11

Nintendo E3 2013 Media Briefing.

For the first time in E3 history, Nintendo will not be hosting an on-stage press conference. The company will instead air a pre-recorded Nintendo Direct. Expect a major focus on software – new games for the Wii U and 3DS, as well as essential details of games set for release in 2013.

People were still signing in and out of xBox live to play various games through the night, (I was playing some GTA4), but as I rang round friends and family, it was apparent that they did not realise that the event was an all-nighter for us in the UK. The last show I watched went on after the E3 had finished, so I dodn’t go to bed until 5.30am. I don’t everyone to do that. It was just the sounds of surprise, gasps and excitements when I ask them, why are you playing MineCraft or Farming-Simulators when the E3 show is on your PC. And I know you cannot do both at once my friends. Enough with the Chat, to see yesterdays videos – go to our first and main website Today I will be reporting from this website here. Tweet and FB your Friends and give them this link. My friend Niko B is reporting on the E3 show today, from his website at He will keep you up to date as best he can with what is said, so if you miss something, Niko will probably have made a note of it for you. Look for the Yellow and Red Highlights at the foot of this post – refresh and update your browser on this blog regularly, (every-time you look). I am online during the E3 shows all week. I will put the links I am watching live form, on this blog!

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Indoors In My Perfect GTA Game

Indoors In My Perfect GTA Game.

One of the big problems with GTA4 et al, is that there are not many indoor environments to play in. Even your living space in GTA does not really do much for the role play aspect of making you believe that you are in a real ‘virtual’ world.

Continue reading

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GTA 2012 eMail 1.

Listen to this email! Click the play button below!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

If you prefer, download the PDF of the email and Listen in Adobe Reader.
Download and open the PDF then click VIEW in the menu
Then, go back into VIEW and down to ‘READ OUT LOUD’

Hi- You know me, this is Niko.

Now, about the New GTA Game blog!

This blog is for putting forward ideas to use in the development of

a new GTA style game, which will one day be written, hopefully by

RockStarGames. If not, maybe one of the other big developers will

give it a go.

It will have all the things we loved in previous games not just the

GTA series, but things from a long list of gangster type games.

This GTA blog has been running since 2008, but has had to be moved

from time to time due to technical issues.

I have been asking GTA players what they want from the next game

from RockStarGames and I am pleased that so many want the realism

as I do. No zombies, lazer-guns or air-strikes!

We are trying to get the Housers attention, (Dan and Sam Houser),

or any of the GTA development team.

I think we have succeeded somewhat, in that great minds think


GTA5 is on the horizon as I write this and it is about a guy who is

trying to go straight, but his old life just won’t leave him alone.

It’s probably just a coincidence, but that is very similar to the

storyline we had asked for, back in 2008.

Also, many of us agree, that San Andreas was the most fun and

playable GTA for many different reasons. It is great that we are

going back there in GTA V.  Its like RockStarGames are reading our

minds or something. (Or probably just reading our blogs)!

Are you a playA? If so, why not tell us what you’d like to see in

your perfect GTA style of game. I (Niko), am restarting the blog

for 2012, since many of the old group have drifted off to play COD

and Skyrim, (as have I).

It has been too long between GTA games, but I think only RockStar

can get away with doing something like that.

RDR – Red Dead Redemption, or GTH (Grand Theft Horse-O as I like to

call it), should have been a GTA release. That’s why we’ve waited

so long for the next GTA instalment.

Anyway, I’m here to search for new ideas. (That’s what I’m doing

here, with this blog). We want the game to be massive, (a-kin to

Skyrim), Skyrim is our new benchmark as I see it, as well as the

likes of RDR and no-doubt the new GTA5.

I cannot imagine that they will get everything we’ve already asked

for into GTA5, we can only hope for a great game. which it will be,

I’m sure of that.

Why Skyrim? There are some posts on the blog for you to read up on.

But, mainly, Skyrim has a massive territory, lots of interiors to

buildings and a conversational tree that gives you several choices

in talking with people. (They could still do better, I think)!

Some people say I want too much and that there is no-way to put all

of that stuff into a game. I don’t care if it goes over 15 disks, I

just want the game! I’ve learnt that RockStarGames can do the


I hope you enjoy the eMail Club here and look forward to hearing

from you if you have any suggestions, stories or script ideas that

you would like to put forward.

If I or anyone else here wins the lottery, perhaps they would make

the game. I certainly would!

That’s it. Niko. (By The Players, For The Players)!


P.S. Make sure you follow the blog, Twitter and Facebook groups to

get the full enjoyment from this blog.  (Main Blog).   (Other site info and members files).    (News Updates).  (General Chat).


eMail-in your comments and suggestions.  with  ‘New Story Idea’ in the subject line.

If you put  ‘New Story Idea’ in the subject line, your email won’t

get binned with the other 1,000 emails a day I get from spammers.





Niko. … That’s it… BYE!














.House-Keeping-Notes. (You will see these on every eMail).




.There is a content warning on the blog and all pages, because the

GTA game is an 18 certificate game for adults only. If you are

under 18 please leave this email list by unsubscribing at the foot

of this eMail.





.All blogs and websites these days, use cookies to track your usage

of the website. This happens with just about every website you use.

Usually, no personal information is collected about you, just the

computer, your IP address and other websites you may have visited

or searched for. This information is used by websites to provide

better content to you when you surf the web.






.Unsubscribe info below.

We never send unsolicited eMail. That is why we use a double opt-in

system with the top reputable company online today. Aweber. This

means you had to request and then confirm your request to join this

email list to receive this email.

Privacy Policy.

Your eMail address will remain private and confidential with us, as

we never lend out, hire out or sell our eMail lists. Your privacy

is important to us. You can trust us!

See below if you still want to opt out of this email list.





GTA 2012 eMail 1.

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Yo, this is the info home of The NewGTAgame Blog.

Could Jason Statham be the best Niko Bellic Look Alike?

Welcome, I see you found your way here after all!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

NewGTAgame, as you should know by now, is about ideas for making a new style of GTA game. We have based our ideas around the GTA series of games. GTA4 is the main relative for this hybrid game.

It is not being written as of yet, plus we have NO direct affiliation or association with RockStarGames, nor the Houser brothers, nor any of RockStarGames’ employees.

I just thought I would clear that up to start with! This does not mean that we are not heard!


Back in 2008, we were talking about a protagonist who wanted to go straight, leaving his country of origin behind, or maybe just his old life if American.

Without doubt, most people wanted a return to San Andreas. And, it seems like RockStarGames must be listening!

***   GTA 5 Details   ***

***   GTA 5 Details   ***

Anyway, this part of the group of sites and pages is only just getting going as of 2012. So please bear with us. This part of the site is intended for hosting the files and audio’s to go with the sometimes lengthy stories.

I’ve just got sick of relying on free services like (well, I won’t mention them here, they know who they are). They served their purpose, but it is time to move on. Plus, I have decided to take the NewGTAgame Blog in a slightly different direction. Initially, opening it up to the world. So – Hello World!

We will do more things with it later! Lets build a bigger group first, I thought!

The NewGTAgame Blog was originally just a small group of GTA fanatics who love playing GTA and imagining and speculation on ‘what-if’s’ for the next GTA game. Like myself, they have moved onto other games because RockStarGames take too long to produce a follow-up game.

I cannot see why they take so long, they should just get more employees onto the payroll. The games are well worth waiting for, but I think RockStarGames diversify into other games like Red Dead Redemption et al, although they are also excellent games, personally I want more GTA games.

The current game that the next GTA should be looking toward for inspiration, is Skyrim by Bethesda Softworks LLC. (a Zenimax Media Company). RockStarGames (a Take 2 Interactive Company), could do a lot worse than do a joint venture on the next GTA game!

Hopefully, we will get a lot more interiors to buildings and jobs to work at, buildings to own etc and a more interactive conversational things to say and do. We can only hope as we sit here waiting on the edge of our seats for GTA5 to be released. But, I don’t think they will have everything I have just talked of, yet it will still be a spectacular game.

One last thing. This site is (as I see for now), not going to have lots of game posts. As I said earlier, this site is for the files and bits we need for the main blog at to do its job.







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